And, that’s exactly what we were doing one sunny Sunday afternoon in Healdsburg, California.

As friends who had worked together to create some of the world’s best known brands, we decided it was time to build something small. Yes, something small.

We applaud handmade. We admire craftsmanship. We like real food and the people who prepare it. We absolutely adore the people who grow it. We’re captivated by old days and old ways.

Taking a hands-on approach, we’ve learned from the first pioneering winemakers and our grandmothers in the kitchen. We’re inspired by a generation that taught us about character, not to waste, the value of hard work, and the true meaning of hospitality.

With our first release, we concentrated on delicious and food-friendly cool climate Syrah. Our second release was a very limited Sauvignon Blanc--it sold out immediately. We continue with both.

In honor of all grandmothers, Aldrich Browne comes from our family names.

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At Aldrich Browne, we don’t just taste wine - we drink wine.